OEM/ODM Service

As a forerunner in the field of researching & developing BLE beacons/tags (with sensors) in China, we have accumulated rich experience in the hardware design, development and manufacturing, so we are glad to take part in helping any one who is working in the field with one-stop OEM/ODM service solution.

IoT product OEM&ODM Service
The Differences
Original Equipment Manufacturing

Original Equipment Manufacturing

An OEM product is made according to the buyer’s product specification. For example, any product with a customized design, material, dimensions, functionality, or even colors can be classified as OEM.

Product specification examples

  • CAD files
  • Design drawings
  • Bill of materials
  • Color chart
  • Size chart
Original Design Manufacturing

Original Design Manufacturing

An ODM product is based on an existing design – to some extent developed by the manufacturer rather than the buyer. An ODM product can either be the result of the supplier’s own product development efforts – or a replica of another product that’s already on the market.

OEM Product Processes
OEM Product Processes
ODM Product Processes
Comparison Table

To help you understand the difference between them better

Factor OEM ODM
Unit price No difference No difference
Injection molds and tooling Paid for by the buyer Paid for by the supplier
Product development time 2 to 6 months 1 to 4 weeks
Production time No difference No difference
Product spec sheet Provided by the buyer ‘Reverse engineered’ by the buyer or provided by the supplier
Product compliance No difference No difference
Intellectual Property Ownership IP can be owned by the buyer IP owned by the supplier or another importer
Benefits 1. The suppliers are at their core OEMs.
Often less hassle to buy OEM products.
2. You can freely customize the product
(within what is technically possible to make)
3. You own the IP (as long as you protect it)
1. Shorter product development cycle
2. Many ODM products can be customized to a certain degree
3. You don’t need to pay for the tooling
Disadvantages 1. You pay for the tooling
2. It can take months to create new tooling
1. Limited product selection
(you get what the supplier can offer,
which may only be a fraction of their list products)
2. It is time-consuming and complicated to
reverse engineer a specification. It can often
take more time than to design an OEM product from scratch
3. Many other companies are already selling
the same product, or they will in the near future.
4. You don’t own the IP of the product,
and may even end up on the wrong side of an IP dispute.
Our Capacity & Experience

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Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Service Contracts
Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)
6 hardware developers/designers & test-QC engineers
Fast response, fast prototyping and modeling
Skillful technical documents & production-delivery processes
10+ years OEM/ODM/EMS experience
Specialized in wireless technology development(Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/GPS/LTE/NB-IoT)
20+ OEM/ODM service cases delivered to the clients all over the world
Strictly confidential service agreements & contracts
Strict QC system & normative warranty service system
Deliver on time and in quality & quantity
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