Für Objektverfolgungs-/Positionierungssysteme im Innenbereich, Die BLE-Tags werden an den Gegenständen angebracht, bei denen es sich in der Regel um Waren handelt, Personen oder Haustiere, um ihren Standort zu bestimmen.

BLE Beacon Tags

Why BLE tags to choose?

For the indoor person/pet positioning, we developed wearable/portable card type and pendant type tags, usw.


4 years battery life
Battery non-replaceable


Dia. 36.5*6mm
Easy battery replacement
1.5 years battery life


Up to 300m
Waterproof IP67


Dia. 36.5*6mm
1.5 years battery life
Nice push button


2.5 years battery life
3-axis acceleration sensor

New one


Our sale engineers will help you choose the most suitable beacon types for your project.

choose the most suitable beacon

What is a BLE tag and what is the difference between a beacon and a tag?

What we are talking is a Bluetooth tag, and it is a little difference from a BLE beacon. A tag is usually attached to an object or a person or pets, transmits its signal iD as the object or person or pets move, the signal iD is passively captured by a collector and identified by software end to be tracked therefore. In many cases, tags are attached to employees and visitors. They can also be attached to goods in a warehouse, vehicles such as forklifts, usw. BLE beacon is more like a signal transmission station, the signal iD is actively collected by a collector and identified by software end to be tracked therefore.

Some use cases combine both a beacon and a tag. For example, in smart hospitals or healthcare places, a tag (such as badge type or key fob type) on a nurse’s badge registers her location, and a tag on the healthcare facility, also showing location, allows the software to tell the nurse where the nearest healthcare facility is. This technology can literally save lives in busy healthcare places. Tags can also be equipped with other functions, such as panic buttons to allow the staff to call a help in an emergency or send alarm if they detect abnormal environmental conditions. Again, for example, if you have consumables or medicines that need to be kept below a certain temperature / humidity, a tag integrated with a temperature & humidity sensor (z.B. SCiE9) can give an alert if the temperature threshold is broken through.

The tag, like a beacon, broadcasts a unique signal iD too which is then parsed by software running in the Cloud. Tags are primarily used for two purposes: inventory management and employee/pets tracking.

What is a BLE Beacon tag

Where is a BLE tag used?

BLE tags used in Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) present significant opportunities for companies to increase the visibility of their assets, employees and resources. The low cost of the technology also makes it applicable in settings where such advanced systems might not have been otherwise feasible.

Smart Warehouse
Access control & time attendance
Smart fleet management
Pet tracking
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