BLE Beacon/tag/sensor/button & IoT
Hardware OEM/ODM Original Manufacturer

IoT BLE devices can make your indoor/outdoor wireless smart management system solutions amazing. We are glad to design & develop & manufacture types of excellent hardware devices to help that.

What We Provide

We specialize in designing & developing & manufacturing IoT BLE beacons/tags/push buttons/sensors, and provide technical assistance to help our customers make their system integration solutions with our communication protocols/SDKs/API.

BLE Beacons

BLE Beacons

BLE5.0 iBeacon & Eddystone, based on nRF52 series chip solutions

BLE Sensors Beacon

BLE Sensors

3-axis acceleration sensor or temperature & humidity sensor or other sensors help you widen the adoption of indoor IoT

BLE Beacon Push Buttons

BLE Push Buttons

Excellent tactile makes the buttons more easily trigger a signal command to communicate with your indoor IoT devices

BLE Tags

For indoor object tracking/positioning system, the BLE tags are attached to the objects usually which are goods, persons or pets to position their location.

Gateways & Platform

Gateways & Platform

Powerful Bluetooth® LE & Wi-Fi CPU gateways collect data from BLE beacon/tag, sensor & other IoT devices and transmit to the cloud over Wi-Fi/Ethernet

Development Toolbox

Development Toolbox

We provide a complete technical development toolbox (e.g. Android SDK & iOS SDK, communication protocol, API, GPIO and Schematic, etc) to help you make integration and firmware development

IoT Devices/Tags/Sensors

IoT Devices Beacon Tags Sensors

Bluetooth® LE Access Points
or Gateways

Bluetooth LE Access Points Gateways

Building Signals
Application Platform

Application Platform

Your Enterprise Applications

Smart Healthcare

Smart Factory

Smart Healthcare

IoT Beacon IoT Device
Smart Building

Smart Building

Smart Shopping Mall

IoT Hardware OEM/ODM Service
Original Manufacturer

IoT Hardware OEM_ODM Service Original Manufacturer

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