BLE Push Buttons

We focus on designing the hardware tags with good key
and good tactile to help you integrated into your IoT solution.
IoT Beacon BLE Push Buttons

Which push button to choose?

A push button is mostly used by people, either it is portable so that you can put it on a desk, or it is wearable for the users.

portable push button


Portable (not wearable)
Dia. 40*14mm
With a buzzer

card beacon push button


Wearable card type
4-yr battery life

SCiE8 wearable beacon push button


Wearable pendant type
Dia. 36.5*6mm
Nice push button

3-axis acceleration sensor

All of them can be added with 3-axis acceleration sensor if necessary

Our sale engineers will help you choose the most suitable beacon types for your project

choose the most suitable beacon
How to make them work as you hope

How to make them work as you hope?

All of them are iBeacon/Eddystone BLE5.0 beacon/tag based on the existing firmware. If you hope they work as you hope, this will involve in the firmware customization or new development. We can do this for you if you want, just please contact us
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